Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Garmin releases a GoPro clone

cmgpv2gv5u7qnpesfmha Garmin has stopped trying. Meet the company’s new action camera: A clone of a GoPro. The company that innovated in the personal navigator space just announced the second generation of its action camera and it looks exactly like a GoPro. The new Virb Ultra 30 packs the goods to record at 4k and allows the user to control its functions through voice commands. Just say “Okay… Read More

DxO One iPhone camera gets Wi-Fi control, a waterproof case and more

Shot with DxO ONE For all the advances in smartphone photography, you still don’t really have a DSLR-quality camera in your pocket when you’re carrying one (not yet anyway). DxO’s One, a tiny little box with a lens, a relatively large image sensor for its compact size and a Lightning connector changed all that last year, and now it’s getting a suite of accessories to bump up the value.… Read More

The iPhone 7 could come with Lightning EarPods and a 256GB option

iphone-7-couleurs-02 Apple is about to announce the next iPhone on September 7, and the plot thickens. A new leak spotted by Nowhere Else shows the hypothetic packaging of the iPhone 7 Plus. This cardboard leak shows that Apple could sell the iPhone 7 with Lightning EarPods, replacing the good old EarPods with a headphone jack. More surprisingly, it also says that the iPhone 7 might come bundled with a… Read More

Tile’s lost-item finder will now fit in your wallet

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 10.01.18 AM The popular, Bluetooth-connected lost item finder Tile is today introducing a new product dubbed “Tile Slim” that’s designed to be kept in your wallet, so you can find it if it ever goes missing. The device – which the company claims is the world’s thinnest Bluetooth tracker – finally makes it possible to use Tile with not only your wallet without the bulk,… Read More

Samsung shows off its latest smartwatch, the Gear S3

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Last year’s Gear S2 was, without question, one of the best looking smartwatches around. After a few generations of unwieldy wearables, the company took it down a few notches with a device that was smaller and decidedly more minimalist. Where other companies have looked to bling it up, the electronics giant stayed subtle. Announced this week at IFA, the S3 isn’t that. The company… Read More

The White House requested input on artificial intelligence, and IBM’s response is a great AI 101

 The field of artificial intelligence is so huge, and the potential applications so numerous, that it would be folly to try to explain it all in one — no, wait, IBM just did. Read More

Basis Peak watches recalled, service shutting down due to overheating

Basis Peak Basis Peak, a fitness watch tracking your health and sleep habits, is now being recalled by the company after reports of overheating. The Intel subsidiary first sent a statement about the overheating issues in mid-June and is now asking customers to stop wearing their watches and is shutting down service “immediately.” “We had hoped to update the software on… Read More

Xiaomi announces its first VR headset — but you can’t buy it yet

Mi VR Play_01 Xiaomi is broadening its already expansive range of products by venturing into virtual reality for the first time. Read More

Formlabs raises $35 million series B, announces Autodesk partnership

Formlabs Form 2 Tabletop Formlabs is shaping up to be something of a rare bright spot in a world of desktop 3D printers. While plenty of other devices have come and gone, failing to live up to the promise of consumer electronics’ next big thing, the company’s pro-level technology has continued to pique the interest of hobbyists and prototypers alike. A couple of months after picking up an online 3D… Read More

Lenovo video teases return of Motorola’s iconic RAZR flip phone

ILY5M Motorola’s RAZR surely stands as one of the most recognizable phones of yesteryear (although myself I preferred the Samsung Trace) — and while the brand has been desultorily maintained by Verizon, a new video from Lenovo suggests a more serious throwback device is nearly at hand, so to speak. Read More

The average age for a child getting their first smartphone is now 10.3 years

child with smartphone This week I ended up with an advance copy of Influence Central’s new report called Kids & Tech: The Evolution of Today’s Digital Natives. The report details the way kids are using technology and reveals some interesting insights including that the average age for a child getting their first smartphone is now 10.3 years of age and that tablets are kids’ device of… Read More

Indiegogo improves crowdfunding with a stamp of approval for hardware projects

indiegogo-and-arrow One of the biggest challenges of a hardware crowdfunding campaign is delivering in a timely fashion. Indiegogo knows that better than most, and is teaming up with Arrow Electronics to help entrepreneurs deliver products. The move is continuing the crowdfunding platform’s hard push to beat Kickstarter as the go-to platform for gadgets and electronic products. Read More

Fitbit finally gets design with the Alta sports tracker

fitbitalta3 For me, fitness trackers are all about motivation. I used to go for a run every single day, and then quit, and then went to yoga every single day, and then I did nothing every single day. Now, a little older and a little more sore, I find myself worried less about working out all the time and am more focused on eating healthy and taking enough steps throughout each day. This can be… Read More